The updated Service Profile is now available on the Early Years Hive.


New Facility Section
 A new section has been added to the Service Profile to capture and update information in relation to your facility.
This section contains new mandatory questions, as well as questions originally included in the Annual Early Years Sector Profile (AEYSP). 
Updated Staff Section
Deputy Manager :
There is now a new option under staff type for services to capture the Deputy Manager(s) within their service.
Staff Types:
Additional changes to the drop-down options under staff type have also been made with Owner-Operator/Sole-Trader being removed and Relief/Cover Staff (Not Assigned to a room) and Student Placement/Volunteer being added.
Staff Information:
There are a number of questions relating to staff, originally included and captured in the Annual Early Years Sector Profile, that will now be captured in the Service Profile. The questions are mandatory, and you are required to review and update for all existing staff members.
For further support, please refer to the Service Profile Guidance Document here