If you are concerned about the quality of an early years service, you should first speak to the staff/manager or childminder. If following this conversation you wish to further highlight your concerns or make an official complaint you can do this through the services complaints policy and procedure.

Each service is required to have a complaints policy and procedure. The complaints policy must specify how the complaint will be dealt with and the procedures in place for keeping the complainant informed regarding how the complaint is being managed. The registered provider is required to keep a written record of all complaints; this record must state how the complaint is managed and the record of complaints must be available for inspection by Tusla Early Years Inspectorate.

If your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed through the services complaints policy and procedures or if the concern cannot be resolved, further information can be found here:




Tusla early years Inspectorate welcomes feedback from parents/ guardians on early years services. Feedback helps to inform the inspection process and support improvement in service provision.

The parent feedback form has a number of statements relating to childrens’ safety, wellbeing and happiness in the service. Parents are asked to indicate their level of agreement or disagreement with each statement.  All parent/guardian feedback will be shared with the registered provider.

Further information can be found here: