WxCCC’s Aims and Objectives

The Company’s aims and objectives is to ensure:

  • the co-ordination of the provision of quality childcare (Early Learning & Care (ELC), School Age Childcare (SAC) and Childminding (CM)) in partnership with all interested and involved bodies from childcare providers to parents, statutory and community bodies and to ensure the ‘added value’ of the existence of the Committee.
  • the needs and rights of all children and their families will be respected and inform all of WxCCC’s actions.
  • implementation of childcare funding programmes and policies locally on behalf of  Government.
  • the improvement of current services and supports alongside the consolidated investment in the sector, in order to support the continuing development of stable, integrated and sustainable childcare infrastructure and provision based upon a considered assessment of local needs.
  • the provision of appropriate and necessary governance and operational quality supports for those providing or seeking childcare in the County.
  • the monitoring of trends and developments to ensure that, as far as is possible, strategic and focused provision is available, including research to support governmental policies and strategies.
  • that provision of childcare takes account of equality of access, the ongoing need for information, training and equity.
  • that there is an increase in the supply and quality of childcare in County Wexford. 


County Childcare Committee Customer Charter 
Our Complaints Policy