Welcome to Wexford County Childcare Committee website. Wexford County Childcare Committee (WxCCC) is one of 30 Childcare Committee’s established under the National Development Plan.

WxCCC provide supports to;

  • Early Learning & Care (ELC) and School Age Childcare (SAC) service providers existing, new or potential (private and community)
  • Childminders, existing, new or potential
  • ELC and SAC Practitioners
  • Parents
  • Parent & Toddler Groups
  • ELC and SAC Students
  • Local and National Agencies with Family Support Remit
  • Individuals with a genuine interest in ELC and SAC

Our Mission Statement

“The main object for which this company is established is to support the development of quality, affordable, accessible and inclusive childcare and family friendly services for all children in County Wexford. “

Our Core Values

The core values of Wexford County Childcare Committee include:

  • Equality of opportunity
  • Partnerships – with stakeholders in childcare
  • Respect – for all stakeholders in childcare
  • Professionalism – in our work
  • A child-centred approach

Charity & Company Numbers

Registered Charity No 20048761 and our Company Registration No: 360658.