What is a Childminder?

A Childminder is a person who provides a childminding service as defined in the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016. 

This service refers to pre-school children looked after in the Childminders home. This service is offered for the full working day or for different periods during the day.

Under the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 a Childminder can care for up to five pre-school children (0 – 6 years) at any one time (this number is inclusive of the Childminders own pre-school children). Childminders who mind 4 or more preschool children or who mind 7 or more school age children or a mix of both, must complete a TUSLA Registration of their service.

When should I register my Childminding service with Tusla?

If a Childminder is caring for 4 or more pre-school children s/he is subject to the (Childcare Act 1991 ( Early Years Services) Regulations 2016) and is obliged to register with Tusla. The Childminder is obliged to give TUSLA 3 months notice prior to taking on their 4th pre-school child.

At present, Childminders can legally care for 3 or fewer pre-school children without being obliged to register with Tusla. This number includes the childminders own children. Only 2 of these children can be aged 15 months or less. A childminder may not care for more than 5 pre-school children at any one time. For more information on how many children you can mind as a childminder and when you need to register with Tusla, click here.

Garda Vetting

It is recommended that all Childminders, emergency contact person and any adult who may be in contact with the children in the service, apply for Garda Vetting. For details of how to apply for Garda Vetting through Barnardos click here. If a Childminder is a member of Early Childhood Ireland they can be vetted as members through Early Childhood Ireland .

Childminding Resources

Wexford County Childcare Committee have the following resources available for childminders:

  • Childminding Sample Record Keeping Forms
  • Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your own home
  • Childminding Sample Policies and Procedures

If you require these resources contact the office on 0539237156 or email info@wexfordchildcare.ie.

For more information on all areas of childminding go to Childminding Ireland.

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