ECCE service calendar: Minimum weeks per term

  • The minimum weeks per term has now been updated to allow greater flexibility in ECCE calendars in line with the school calendars. Services are still required to be open a total of 38 weeks across the three terms with a minimum of 15 weeks in term one and 13 weeks in term two.


Fee Table: Core Funding Partner Services being directed to the Approved Provider version

  • The ability to clone a Fee Table has temporarily been disabled to prevent services receiving an incorrect Fee Table version. Should you wish to submit a Fee Table urgently, you must create a new Fee Table. Please ensure to check the service status is accurate for your Fee Table before submission.
  • If you are in a position to wait, we are working on reinstating the ability to clone and will provide further updates when this is available.


Fee Extras: Unable to submit a ‘no optional extra’ in Fee Extras

  • This issue has now been resolved