Frequently Asked Questions


How many children can I mind?

A Childminder can mind up to 5 pre-school children including her own pre-school children in the Childminders own home.

They are required to notify Tusla  when they are minding more than three pre-school children.

Childminders who are minding up to 3 pre-school children can voluntary notify their service to Wexford County Childcare Committee.


What is a pre-school child?

A pre-school child is a child who has not reached 6 years of age and who is not attending a primary school or any other school that provided similar service.


What is Tusla notification?

If a Childminder is minding more than 3 pre-school children they are legally required to notify their service to the Tusla.

The Pre-school Officer will make an advisory visit and then annual inspections to the childminders home.

Childminders who are in this category must comply with the  Childcare Act 1991 ( Early Years Services) Regulations 2016


What is Voluntary Notification?

A Childminder who is minding up to 3 pre-school children can Voluntary Notify Wexford County Childcare Committee of their service. The Childminder agrees to work within the frame work of The National Guidelines for Childminders.


What are the benefits of Voluntary Notification?

Voluntary Notification allows a Childminder to show they value their profession and they are working to the best of their ability within national guidelines. Childminders who become Voluntary Notified can have their names placed on a list for parents looking for childcare.


Do I have to have insurance for Childminding?

It is recommended that all Childminders have appropriate insurance to care for children in their home. Childminding Ireland can help with this.

If the Childminder intends to travel in the car with minded children it is important that they have adequate car insurance to do so.


Do I need any training to child mind in my own home?

It is recommended that Childminders have an up to date First Aid Certificate, take part in an Introduction to Childminding in the Home (QAP) course and a Child Protection course. For more details on these courses contact Wexford County Childcare.


Do I have to be Garda Vetted?

It is recommended that all Childminders and anyone who may be in contact with the children in the service apply for Garda Vetting.


Do I have to pay tax?

Any person who earns an income should declare it to the Revenue Commissioners. Whether you pay tax or not will depend on your income. Childminders who earn less than €15,000 can avail of the Childminders Tax Exemption.


What records should I be keeping?

A Childminder should keep the following records

  • Attendance record
  • Child’s Information record
  • Daily Activities
  • Weekly Menus
  • Fire Drill record
  • Medicine Administration Form
  • Accident & Incident record
  • Income/expenditure records


Should I have policies & procedures?


A Childminder should have the following policies & procedures

  • Accident & Safety Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Healthy Eating Policy
  • Illness Policy
  • Nappy Changing Policy
  • Partnership with Parents
  • Positive Discipline Policy
  • Sleep Policy