We have just now received the following update re: services who are still closed due to no ESB/water.

  1. Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th. All services remain in payment for those days.
  2. Force Majeure – Services forced to remain closed from Wednesday 18th onwards due to consequences of the storm on Monday are still in payment this week. These services will be required to complete a Force Majeure Claim Form. Childcare services will have to request this form directly by emailing onlinesupport@pobal.ie.  If services do not have electricity or internet, they should contact Online Support at client services team @ 015117222, where Pobal will complete the Force Majeure Form on their behalf. – please note:  Monday and Tuesday are not considered force majeure so please do not claim for those two days.
  3. Payment of staff and charging of parents for outside of the DCYA subventions are a matter for the service providers.